Centre Dental Cise is one of the few centers that has the close collaboration of a dental technician, a professional in charge of designing, elaborating, manufacturing and adapting the different dental prostheses, removable orthodontic appliances and splints, who carries out their work in a dental laboratory receiving the indications of the dentist, who works in the clinic.

He is Mr. Juan Losilla, a prosthetist with more than 40 years of experience, who for 30 years was in charge of the Spanish Federation of Dental Prosthetics.

His goal: to restore lost functionality, chewing, swallowing, speech, phonetics, mechanics, hygiene, oral and facial aesthetics.

A dental prosthesis is a totally personalized work of art adjusted to a specific mouth, made entirely to measure for each patient, as if it were a high jewelery goldsmith making a jewel.

Joan Losilla | Centre Dental Cise
Joan Losilla

Centre Dental Cise offers you the benefits of rigorously collaborating with a close prosthetist, linked to the clinic and with a vast and extensive experience. Guaranteed success in prosthetic restorations!

He is a sanitary, a craftsman and an artist at your service.