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After more than 27 years operating from the capital of the Alt Empordà, three years ago The CISE Dental Clinic moved to a new location: a great improvement of facilities in order to provide a better service. Our infrastructure makes CISE the most advanced dental center in implantology and dental prosthesis in the Alt Empordà region.


Digital Orthopantomographer

It provides colour images of the jaw in three dimensions, which helps diagnose with much more accuracy the pathologies and plan with more rigor the appropriate treatment for the patient. The precision shown by this instrument implies having total certainty of the exact place where the implant must be placed.

In addition, in terms of dental surgery, it helps us know exactly the places, shapes and the volumes where to act.

Conventional radiography only shows a single plane of the maxillary bones, on the other hand this system gives an exact copy of the reality. The images provide the accurate measurement of the width of the maxillary sinus, and the tomographic slices allow us locate the exact position of all the delicate structures such as nerves or arteries.

Moreover, it allows for the rotation of images and a zenithally vision, interior, and inferior, anterior, posterior, and also inside, with which the professional can know the structure of the bone. That is to say, reflects an accurate guide of the mineral composition of the bone.

That is to say, reflects an accurate guide of the mineral composition of the bone. In addition, as it is digital technology, the radiation received by the patient is lower.

Conscious sedation unit

That is a tool specially indicated for those patients over the age of 18 years, to whom the visit to the dentist represents an added pressure. Centre Dental CISE is one of the few dental clinics that offers this service, which requires the attention of a specialist.

It is administered by nasal inhalation of nitrous oxide and oxygen.

A few minutes later, the patient is completely relaxed, without any stress or anxiety, and so our professionals can go on with the treatment in a comfortable way. It is a completely safe technique, with no side effects, and reversible from the time that the patient stops inhaling. A minute later, the patient can go home, either walking or driving.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants is a technique not found in any other center of the region, it is exclusive of CISE, the reference center in mini dental implants. A dentistry specially indicated for patients over 65. Within the field of this technology, there is also a wide variety of implants, of different brands and designs. This provides a great advantage: choosing the best implant in each case.

Each patient has different oral characteristics that require different solutions. The choice is determined by a custom scan of the patient.

It is also exclusive of our center in Figueres the implant methodology used and their diversity: conventional, in two phases, monobloc, immediate loading, ultrashort, flexible and mini dental implants

Mini implants are part of a specialty called gerontology dental care, particularly indicated for patients over 65. At these ages more aggressive treatments are not recommended; otherwise, they need a minimally invasive dentistry. Mini dental implants are suitable for those cases in which the patient brings dentures that moves and cause sores. Mini implants can hold those prosthesis, even with a few quantity of bone, improving the patient’s quality of life.