Child Care

Children should visit the dentist with the same frequency as an adult. The majority of paediatric dentists agree that regular dental care should begin from the first year of age, with a dental check-up twice a year for most children, although some children may need more frequent evaluation.

It is important to take care of the oral health of children from early childhood. Some simple care include:

  • Cleaning the milk teeth every day. When they are small just by rubbing them gently with a clean and damp towel. When the teeth are bigger, using a soft toothbrush for children.
  • Do not use toothpaste for children under two years of age, only water.
  • Do not allow children to fall asleep with a bottle, as it can cause what is known as “baby-bottle tooth decay.”
  • Encourage older children to take less sugar and avoid giving them sticky sweets.
  • Teach them how to brush their teeth and the importance of keeping them clean.

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