Diagnostic 3D Technology

Centre Dental Cise account with diagnostic technology in 3D.

The three-dimensional diagnosis can be used to have a perfect image of the bones, gums and teeth of our patient.

Before entering the diagnostic technology in 3D to our facilities, our patients had to go to a radiology center external to be able to perform these tests. This dragged the diagnostic process.

With the incorporation of this technology, on the same day the patient is diagnosed, what shortens significantly the time and speeds up the treatment.

Our patients receive a better service, more convenient and faster.

The 3D images provide an effective tool to diagnose cases of dentistry at a more quickly and accurately, thus ensuring that the recommendations of the treatment is tailored to the needs of the patients.

Thanks to diagnosis in 3D, the dentist can know in detail the status of each dental piece, to assess the quantity and quality of bone necessary… The biggest advantage of diagnostic 3D is that it does not lead to surprises as it allows you to plan a more effective procedure.

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