Teeth in a few hours!

For some time now, and thanks to the advances in modern dentistry, anyone with a removable prosthesis or with severely deteriorated teeth has the possibility of having fixed teeth in a single day.

In one session, dental implants are placed, which will be the new roots of the teeth. Next, the teeth will be fixed to the implants placed a few hours before.

Aided by guided and atraumatic surgery, no scalpel cuts are necessary, so the discomfort will be very slight and the patient’s recovery will be in record time. The patient recovers the chewing function immediately, the fixed teeth are placed, achieving superior aesthetics.

They are the so-called immediate loading implants, which are placed in just 4 steps:

  • We take measurements from your mouth.
  • We make a surgical splint.
  • We place the dental implants.
  • And finally we place the fixed teeth.

This type of advanced implantology technique requires extremely experienced surgeon dentists with a great background in specific knowledge, as well as a perfect symbiosis between dentist and prosthetist.

Trust Centre dental Cise, our professionals have extensive experience in the placement of immediate loading implants, as well as a close relationship with the prosthetic professional, facilitated by the proximity of the prosthetic laboratory located in the same building. Your teeth in just a few hours, without pain and without postoperative!

Immediate implant loading service in just a few hours, why the mouth doesn’t wait!

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