Our team

Equip Centre Dental Cise

Our team is formed by trained doctors in each special area, with Master of a minimum of 3 years in each specialty. We are committed to continuous training, the constant scientific improvement and advancement of the technique. We love our work and we have the motivation of knowing that each treatment will be the best.

We strive each day to take care of all the details and to create the most familiar atmosphere so that the patient feels as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Here the list of professionals at your service in Centre Dental CISE

We provide comfort in every single detail: from the waiting room equipped with televisions, relaxing music, among others.

We are open from Monday to Friday in order to fit the schedules of all our patients.

Call us whenever you need us to give an answer to your doubts o questions: 972 605 671.

Excellence and quality in dental service in order to provide the best results to our patients… who are also our friends.