Orthodontics and invisible Orthodontics

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Orthodontics is a branch of odontology that deals with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of any kind of dentofacial irregularity or dental malocclusion. Its aim is to get the perfect position for the teeth, with its benefits both for aesthetics and health, as well as the normal maxillary coordination, getting facial harmony. Healthy teeth that work correctly and a balanced face which enhances the patient’s self-steam and his/her social acceptance.

It is used in children and teenagers because their bones are growing up and their teeth replacing, so it acts over both structures. Once the growth is finished, it can only act over teeth. Craniofacial growth is over at the age of 15 for women and 19 for men.

Anyway, orthodontics can be applied at any age and can correct bad teeth position to get a healthy mouth. A beautiful smile lights up your face and makes it more attractive.

Nowadays there are three kinds of Orthodontics:
Conventional, Aesthetics and Invisible Orthodontics

Dental aesthetics is associated to the correct position of the teeth. We use corrective orthodontic treatments, such as aesthetic brackets, almost invisible. In this way the treatment is faster and easier to apply at an elder age.

Invisible Orthodontics is a qualitative leap forward to improve the quality of live for the patient. Its advantages are unquestionable:

  1. Transparent material, almost invisible
  2. Really comfortable, without mouth sores or scratches.
  3. Removable: a compact design, easy to take out at a meeting, for a meal o when brushing teeth.

Invisible Orthodontics: a revolutionary treatment that solves the typical disadvantages of the classical metal ones.

We will study your case with no commitment. The advantages of this new system will convince you.

Centre Dental Cise - Figueres | Invisible orthodontics